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A Grand Day Out - The Grand Raid Cristalp Holiday

Again this year we are also offering you the chance to compete in one of the most amazing mountain bike races, The Grand Raid Cristalp. The race starts in Verbier In Switzerland and then climbs and descends its way through the Alps over 131km to another Swiss town called Grimetz.

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In total you will climb 4500m taking anything from 7 to 12 hours to finish. There are feed and mechanic stations along the length of the course as well as thousands of villagers, all offering their support. Amazing scenery and trails, combine to create an unforgettable mountain bike experience.

It's one of the best run mountain bike events and there is certainly something to be said for Swiss efficiency, everything is taken care of leaving you to concentrate on the race.


The Grand Raid Crystalp Holiday

Due to the nature of the race this mountain bike holiday is ten days in length and typically runs from Saturday to the following Tuesday. This gives you sufficient time in which to become accustomed to the altitude and a little recovery time to relax and unwind at the end of it all. We will introduce you to the type of riding that you can expect on the Grand Raid Cristalp and advise on how best to tackle it. There will be huge amounts of food, allowing you to carbo-load and get fully fuelled up. We will provide transportation to and from the race, both for the event itself and the scrutineering/signing-on on the Saturday.

Mountain Biker practicing for the Grand Raid Cristalp, Switzerland

The cost for the race is roughly around £70 ($100), a bargain considering how much support you get, but you must ensure that you are entered and fully paid up prior to coming out to Chamonix. You can do this on line using the website.

We have compiled an information pack for you, to try and ensure that you are as prepared as possible prior to coming out on holiday, just contact the office and we will sort you out with one.

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Check out the web site at for further information.

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