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Road Bike Tour Du Mont Blanc Holidays

Although we are mountain bikers through and through we too have been seduced by the raw speed and purity of road biking. We had requests from a few of our regular visitors who ride both mountain bikes and road bikes. They said if you can do a Tour du Mont Blanc on mountain bikes then you must be able to do it on road bikes! So in July 2005 we got them together and circumnavigated the Mont Blanc Massif on road bikes in just three days.

You can read great trip it was by reading the Road Bike Tour du Mont Blanc Story. As it was such a great success we are going to do a number of special road bike holidays in 2006 where we will tackle an even bigger loop around the Mont Blanc Massif.

Road Bike Tour Du Mont Blanc Holiday Details

The Road Bike Tour Du Mont Blanc Holiday information has all moved to its own website - You can still email for more information.