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Alpine Toy Testing - Used in 2004 Season

See the used in 2005 Season Test Information

Over the course of the season we put equipment through a lot of use/abuse, at least a years worth if not two of "normal riding". If you were thinking of buying some new kit we thought you could use our experience to base your new purchase on and see what kit really is worth your hard earned cash.

The best riding mountain bike that I have ridden, honest it really is. It climbs like a mutha, no bob, no slack sloppy front wheel wandering head angle and bags of traction. The cockpit is well streatched allowing smooth power delivery. Downhill the 3.75in of travel feels like a lot more, drop offs are sucked up and the ultra stiff back end tracks superbly. The key to a great alpine bike is the ability to tackle v tight switchbacks.

The Yeti's high degree of manoeuvrability makes all but the most silly of turns do able. The attention to detail is superb and will gain many admiring glances from fellow riders. The finish is also first class and is showing very little in the way of wear. I am impressed, so if you are looking to get yourself a new top end frame, you will be doing yourself a diservice not to check out this big hairy fella from Colorado.



Big forearm pumping descents are the order of the day in Chamonix so a good set of anchors are always adviseable. The Shimanos are top drawer, hour long braking, dragging-your-dangley-bits-on-the-back -tyre type steep descents and still the brakes feel as they did at the top, no pump and no fade. We had no oil leaks, no breakages, just consistent eyeball popping power.

The Shimanos with their carbon dancing soles transfered the power from our pins direct to the bike with little fuss and plenty of style. Good fit and no heel lift provided plenty of blissfull hours in the saddle, the only fly in the ointment was the buckle breaking and no chance of a replacement, cue the Sidis. The Sidis were comfy the moment I put them on and have only increased with comfort over time. The lorica material that's used has not shrunk, stretched or unduely marked up. If you want a pair of shoes to stand the test of time look no further.
These are bits and bobs that I have had great success with, and would not hesitate to recomend to anyone out there looking for spanking good stuff to use and abuse their bike with.

The hubs sat in the middle of a couple of 317s all season with not a peep heard out of them. The rear was stripped and greased once and the front was not touched at all. Super dependable and when combined with a good wheel build create a damn fine set of hoops.




Put the kit on, remove innertubes and fill tyres with latex. Simple and it works really well. Its a tubeless set up for the masses. Thorn type punctures are no more as the latex seals the hole and the ride quality of the wheels improves massively. Because more of the tyre is being used compared to a tube set up, the tyre is way more supple giving you more grip and shock absorbtion, I thought that I had lost pressure in my rear shock such was the difference. Follow the instructions implissitly, fit and forget. I got mine from John at www.justridingalong.com go have a look.


Being a long time Time user I was a little reluctant to change pedal systems, forgetting mine on holiday earlier in the year soon changed my mind as the beaters were all that was on offer. Brilliant in a word, they may be mini in appearance but sure are mighty in use. Consistent entry and release, mud and snow shedding, four sided entry, lovely looks and kind to my abused knees. The cleats do wear a little quick and the bearings on the first generation weren't that good (but are super simple to replace), but they are the only negative points, plus if some gypo wants to nick your bike he'll have a hard time riding it in his bock classics on the little pedal platform.


Taking a Durace barend shifter and putting their own mount on it, Forge created a new thumbie for nine speed systems. I used a set all season and they were extremly reliable, I used the same set of cables and they still have the same consistent positive action five months later. I dinged the rear mech knocking the indexing right out, not a prob I just switched to the friction option on the shifter and was still able to get the full range of gears. Ergonomically I would say that rapidfire are better but these fellas work in all weathers, are very light and are a great talking point. We now don't think that they are available anymore!


See the used in 2005 Season Test Information






This image of Bones on his Yeti ASR is available as a PC wallpaper to download free.


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