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Tour of Mont Blanc in Two Days - part 2

As we climbed the sun started to bathe us and the surrounding mountains in its warm rays and the initial reluctance to ride was soon forgotten.

We made the first Col in good time, sucked on a bit of gel and got on with the ribbon of singletrack that would take us down into Switzerland.
With huge grins on our faces, we exited the rooty switchback extravaganza that had transported us to the land of the cuckoo clock. We massaged brake pumped hands whilst blinking in the bright morning light and stripped off a couple of layers as the sun very much got his hat on.

A 4x4 climb took us to the Col de Forclaz where an over night stop would ordinarily of been the order of the day. However, as they say, "No rest for the wicked", we continued down the other side towards Martigny on a combination of high speed road, and grassy, still slick with the morning dew, singletrack.
By now we were getting into our stride and we eased ourselves into the 12km road climb to Champex Lac where we planned to have a well earned rest. The rythmic action of accelerating on the road switchbacks, rising from the saddle to keep the momentum up and then settling back down, soon bought us to our destination.
We found ourselves a quiet spot and enviously observed as people enjoyed a spot of lunch and a quick spin of their own on the pedallows. Bones and myself stretched aching muscles and shovelled in as many calories as we could to avoid the dredded bonk. So far so good, we were on schedule and all things considered we were both feeling pretty good. As much as we wanted to lie down next to the lake and soak up the rays, we still had a long old way to go. I also remembered that the next bit of singletrack was a bit of a peach so off we went.
After being bounced around both up and downhill over roots and across bridges, more amazing singletrack led us to the water stop in Praz De Fort. By now I was beginning to suffer in the backdoor dept and a quiet spot was found to "have a word with myself". I tell you, long live the o so mighty chamy butter and the even mightier Sandra M for putting me onto this life saving substance!

Suitably saited on fig rolls, isotonic drink, energy gels and plenty of water we now started the slog up to the gite in Ferret. The trail follows La Drance de Ferret climbing on a combination of 4x4 and singletrack.

The singletrack follows the contours of the mountainside high above the river with a part of the trail having a chain handrail, guarding you from exposure. The trail offers plenty of technical challenges, but by now me and the man Bones were choosing to walk many of these in order to conserve a little energy.

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